When tradition rhymes with passion…

The passion of technic, the taste for adventure, the wish to transmit their knowledges, and to keep learning have led 3 Salis’ generations to devote fully themselves to old aviation in a little airfield in the south of Paris. An uncommon place combining exigence, audacity, leisure, pleasure, culture and emotions…

When Bleriot crossed the Channel in 1909, he determined Jean-Baptiste Salis’ vocation for aviation. Will follow a rich aviation career: pilot and instructor during the World War I, display pilot, manufacturer… Age of 59, he realized his dream: to cross the Channel with a Bleriot XI, he restored. 20 years later, his son, Jean, realized the same feat. In 2009, it was his grandson Edmond, on occasion of the 40th centenary of the event.

Jean Salis expanded the collection that marked out his father, Jean-Baptiste, career : World War I, sportive aviation, beginnings of aerial travel, World War II. In parallel, the collection got expanded by the contribution of various collectors and organizations: « l’Amicale « Jean-Baptiste Salis », « Memorial Flight », « Forteresse Toujours Volante » and « Casques de Cuir ».
Nearly 70 planes are based on the airfield today. They are regularly flying, particularly during Pentecost.

The museum is inviting you to discover this incredible full of life saga of aviation, and the story of the planes and men adventure.